EOL testovací stroj

Testing cables for electric cars

You will find a new product in our portfolio - End of Line tester with rotary table, robotic arm and 3D profilometer. You can find a short article about it and a video made by our partners from ABB under the link.

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End of line testing

EOL, or End of Line testing. What is hidden under this term? End of Line Testing (EOL) is an important aspect of product verification in manufacturing companies. The purpose of EOL testing is to ensure that no defective parts leave production.

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Ukrain help (only Czech version for now)

This is not the first time we have been involved in public affairs and helped where help and belonging was needed. In recent years, for example, my colleagues and I have taken joint trips with clients of retirement homes to culturally interesting places in the area. However, intergenerational encounters bringing experience and enrichment to both parties is not the only issue where we as Kentigen try to be helpful.

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Dobroden ve Znojmě

DOBRODEN VE ZNOJMĚ Dlouhodobě spolupracujeme s organizací ADRA, která pro seniory pořádá nezapomenutelné Dobrodny. Dny, kdy se můžeme zapojit a jet se seniory na výlet, popovídat si, být si nablízku a

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