RunIn and Endurance

Endurance testing (soak, longevity or capacity testing) is a type of testing used to verify that the software system or component can withstand a large expected load over a long period of time, even in extreme climatic conditions. It ensures that the system runs smoothly without any failure and can handle the desired load. Contact us, we will be happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

HVCH RunIn Test bench

  • Control system for testing HVCH DUT
  • High channel count logging from cDAQ via FlexLogger
  • LIN control of DUT + logging
  • Custom Plugin for LabVIEW-> FlexLogger data transfer
  • Up to 9 DUTs tested in parallel
  • HAL SW architecture allows easy customization
  • Control of external subsystems such as climatic chamber and chiller (via Ethernet)

Smart bar RunIn

  • Parallel testing for up to 6DUTs
  • Replaceable test fixture for different product types
  • Communication testing
  • User-configurable test steps and test limits
  • Simulation of environmental conditions by
    • Climatic chamber
    • Shaker

We have prepared a case study for our Smart bar RunIn solution, you are only a click away from reading it:

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