RunIn and Endurance

HVCH RunIn Test bench

  • Control system for testing HVCH DUT
  • High channel count logging from cDAQ via FlexLogger
  • LIN control of DUT + logging
  • Custom Plugin for LabVIEW-> FlexLogger data transfer
  • Up to 9 DUTs tested in parallel
  • HAL SW architecture allows easy customization
  • Control of external subsystems such as climatic chamber and chiller (via Ethernet)

Smart bar RunIn

  • Parallel testing for up to 6DUTs
  • Replaceable test fixture for different product types
  • Communication testing
  • User-configurable test steps and test limits
  • Simulation of environmental conditions by
    • Climatic chamber
    • Shaker

We have prepared a case study for our Smart bar RunIn solution, you are only a click away from reading it:

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