Make technological progress with us

The key area of our business is industrial automation. We create specialized applications for production lines as well as single-purpose machinery. We develop and manufacture, therefore, the company owns the latest technical and technological equipment.

What characterizes us

We are a Czech company, and our common desire is to excel in the field.

We choose projects that move us forward in terms of technology. We prefer quality and unique solutions over quantity. Our long-term goal is to become a major supplier of comprehensive solutions.

We encourage open communication and good ideas.

Each member of our team can present ideas and contribute to the development of a project or business. Successful suggestions are always rewarded.

We understand that work barriers and complications are a natural part of development.

Progress and innovation require experimentation and getting into uncharted waters, which brings success as well as risks. We take them into account as a natural part of development.

We believe that decency, respect, and trust are important in both personal and professional life.

We work and behave in a way that leaves all parties satisfied. We build relationships on these values, and they are truly important to us.

Significant projects

  • Measuring systems – Hemodynamic monitor
  • Test Cell – Leakproof test and communication protocols of the electric car pump
  • Environmental tests – RunIn testing in the climatic chamber
  • EOL Testing – Optical and acoustic testing of safety call points
  • Functional testing – Functional testing of brake servo units
  • Analytic stations – Verifying of the car electronic components samples

Our scope

In recent years we implemented a significant number of projects from many areas.

  • Biomedicine
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Research and Development

What we offer

Access to the latest technologies and unique projects, workplace diversity, support in further professional development, fairness and mutual respect.

Career with us

We work on projects together as a team.

Each of us has different levels of experience and competencies, so we create specialized teams for individual projects to combine our knowledge optimally.

We support vocational training.

We regularly participate in training courses in the area of robotics, Vision, and TestStand. We increase our knowledge by obtaining certificates (CLD, CTD). Qualification growth is rewarded financially.

We create unique solutions.

Projects that do not yet exist and push forward the technical development, as well as the company itself, are crucial for us. Our testing machines are used in the areas of measuring, testing, navigation, optical and photographic apparatuses, and equipment. We see the changing requirements of individual projects as a challenge, not as an unsolvable problem.

Project progress affects our working hours.

We take our responsibility for the successful completion of every project seriously. Therefore, we sometimes work beyond normal working hours. Overtime hours may be utilized in calmer periods or after the completion of the respective project. We do not take overtime work for granted.

We use the best technical and technological equipment.

Our automation is based mainly on the National Instruments technology – LabVIEW, TestStand and also Real-Time FPGA or Keysight and others.


Financial bonuses

As your knowledge and skills grow, your wages will grow accordingly. We reward individual performance and the company’s overall success on a quarterly basis.

Flexible working hours

We are open to individual needs when combining personal and professional life. We offer flexible working hours upon agreement.

Individual training

We also financially support training courses chosen by our employees.

Other bonuses

Meal vouchers, corporate events, 5 weeks of annual leave

Current job opportunities

Our company is growing and we are looking for a new colleagues worldwide!

Technical Sales Manager

Brno | Hodonín | Praha

Hello, my name is Marek, CEO of Kentigen company, which I co-founded in 2013. Thanks to our rapid growth, we have established the foundation of our sales team. Nowadays, the team is made of three people, so we are looking for a fourth one. Ideally right now/ ASAP, or in the summer of 2021. The biggest task ...
Position Descriptions

Settling down in a new job

At the beginning of our cooperation, you will be expected to complete partial tasks and gradually acquire the knowledge of our work methodology and applied technologies. The aim of this phase is to help you with the overall orientation in our processes and projects.
Examples of partial tasks: Implementation of an SW module designed to log test results to customer’s database and keep the test results or the creation of a subsequence for firmware flashing that is specifically compiled for each variant.

Based on our experience, the complete process of settling down usually takes 2 years. However, its length is very individual and depends on the abilities and knowledge of the respective new colleague. Once you settle down, you can look forward to working on your own projects. We believe that each one of us needs to feel confident and independent.
Examples of our own projects: Implementation of a hand tester for low-volume testing of car radios using an industrial PC, a fixture and PCle measuring cards (CAN, AI).

Trial day

Are you hesitant to join us? We offer you the opportunity to spend a few hours or a whole day with us so that you can meet your future colleagues and at least partially experience the working atmosphere.

You will meet the company executive at the job interview. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Ing. Marek Šantavý
Managing Director
   +420 721 771 147