The Art of Industrial Testing

We are crazy about technological progress. We believe in a balanced combination of automation technology and human work.
We like to discover and invent new areas in various fields where the use of machines is more valuable and efficient than people.

The key area of our business is automated testing in serial productionand validation.
We create specialized single-purpose machinery, most often to automate EOL (end-of-line) testing in series production.
We, as a research, development, and manufacturing company, use the latest technical know-how and tools available.




Contact us

Marek Santavy

+420 721 771 147

Josef Nesleha
+ 420 739 235 120

Lucie Velcerova
HR Business Partner
+420 774 909 641

Bohumil Kopecny
Operations Manager
+420 605 162 877

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