Ukrain help

This is not the first time we have been involved in public affairs and helped where help and belonging was needed. In recent years, for example, my colleagues and I have taken joint trips with clients of retirement homes to culturally interesting places in the area. However, intergenerational encounters bringing experience and enrichment to both parties is not the only issue where we as Kentigen try to be helpful.

24 February 2022 is a date that will be written in black letters in the history of the whole of Europe and will probably change the perception of the world around us and the way we think about some things that we have taken for granted so far. Peace and security are undoubtedly among them.

That day Russia attacked Ukraine and from the first moments of the unpleasant shock it was very clear that the country, which had been our neighbour before the division of Czechoslovakia, would need support of truly enormous proportions. We cannot stop the fighting, and we cannot help everyone, but we could and can help at least to the extent that is available, which, thanks to voluntary aid across the world, is adding up and will play a significant role. We are glad that Kentigen employees will be part of this large-scale effort, and that they are fully aware of the meaning of even a small, but worthwhile multiple help that already makes a big difference in the right measure.

Among ourselves we organized a collection to help Ukraine and its people affected by the war. At a time when there were not yet many coordinated collections, our employees raised a five-figure sum among themselves, for which we are grateful and thankful. This aid went first to arm the Ukrainian army and then to humanitarian purposes to deal with the crisis arising from the tragedy of war. The interest of our colleagues in helping people in difficult situations has not diminished even after the official collections were established. Many of us continue to send funds and some even help with the accommodation of the refugees, who are mostly women and children.

At Kentigen, we not only work, but we also try to help and be part of current events.

written by: Matěj Novobilský