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System integration

Are you facing full specified hardware and software? Here comes Kentigen as system integrator!
High standards along with QA analysis are always applied to the final solution.

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Software integration

  • Do you have specific code modules to be integrated to your system?
  • Does your proprietary app need an additional functionality or interface?

Let our engineers to head you to the best!

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Hardware integration

Kentigen builds customer-specific hardware due to your requirements. In this case we provide also Build-To-Print solutions.

The project goes through hands of our electrical engineer, QA engineer and assembly experts so the final solution comply with high standards and high quality level.

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If you want to learn LabVIEW, TestStand or some LabVIEW toolbox features, it is best to ask professionals.

We are certified as LabVIEW/TestStand developers and/or architects (you might check our certifications on NI partners page) to be able to design proper solutions for customer needs. We learn many new things when working on projects, not only “Core X” information but also some “hacks” from practice. In the meantime, our knowledges, and certifications increase.

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  • Are you facing difficulties realizing test scenario for your product?
  • Do you want to have bottlenecks of your system analyzed with experts?
  • Do you have feeling that in your production test chain has lack of automation?
  • Do you want to have thorough check of your machine from QA point of view?
  • Are you interested if your LabVIEW program or sequence in TestStand can be done better?

You have full test specification? – Let our test engineers do the second check!

Our team of test systems engineers and QA engineer is keen to enforce a high quality for your solution. We offer our customers onsite support with the best engineers for the project.

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