End of line

Audio connector (assembly + End of Line testing)

  • Complete assembly and EOL of complex audio connectors for Automotive.
  • 4 assembly stations with Vision inspections and final laser marking
  • Cognex cameras used for check of correct color, position and presence
  • Electric Scorpion for final laser marking
  • Poka-yoke system design
  • S7-1200 PLC system of each station with Pilz safety integration

FCT/EOL/TLC testing of telematic control unit

  • Programming of up to 10 units in parallel
  • Automated testing 4 – 10 units in parallel
  • Testing RF / audio and electrical
  • Cobot integration and communication via OPC UA

EV cable (Enf of Line testing)

  • Operator operated station
  • Manual turn-table with 2 positions
  • MES data integration
  • Presence inspections, part swapping avoidance
  • Plastic housing correct assembly with damage detection and check of click of plastic locks
  • BeckHoff PLC system with Sick safety integration
  • 6 Cognex cameras for Vision inspection

BLDC ECU (End of Line testing)

  • Testing of ECU for BLDC motor
  • Keysight hardware architecture (Viper)
  • NI TestStand test sequencer

Radio testing

  • OPC UA and cobot integration
  • RF tuning test
  • Audio test
  • Button test

ECU pro inteligent glass control (EOL)

  • Isolation resistance measurement

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