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No doubts that testing occurs today in every single branch dealing with electronics. Electronics parts itself includes measuring all necessary parameters to comply with given datasheet.
  • Capacitor testing for QA department

    • Tester for ceramic capacitors.
    • Testing voltage for up to 1000 V.
    • Current measurement at level of pA, nA.
    • Testing 200 or 400 caps.
    • Flash test.
    • Isolation resistance test.
    • Automatic transfer of contacting head for double column plate.
    • Visualization, basic control and service control - C#.
    • Automation of the test cycle and measurement - TestStand.
    • Printing test reports with measured values.
  • EMC measurement automation

    • Recipes for selection of measurement configuration files
    • Automatic selection of points for final additional measurement
    • Turntable for rotating the sample
    • Visualization of measured data
    • PDF report (DIAdem)
  • Visual Audio Device alarm

    • Anechoic chamber
    • Different LED positions and colors over product variants
    • Two microphones for audio measurement
    • Traceability database
      • Local CSV file