Advanced driver-assistance systems are becoming more and more important when autonomous driving comes into discussion. Automotive supply chain faces new test challenges in form of V2X technologies and others. Hardware-in-the-loop simulations are used to validate the systems and components.

We develop HIL test systems for Radar and Camera that enable our customer to satisfy his test system requirements, scalability and reliability.

  • HIL farm

    • Design of best/worst case scenario of system scaling
    • Optimization of performance
    • Fail safe for recovery of the system
    • Diagnostic tools for system monitoring
    • Turnkey solution delivery

  • Record & playback (radar/front camera)

    • Designed for 24/7 run time
    • Real-time/FPGA data injection
    • High throughput – up to 200 MB/s
    • On-the-fly streaming with adaptive rate
    • controlled by DUT SPI and digital triggers
    • CAN and data injection synchronized <1 ms
    • Custom data protocol implemented in FPGA
    • PC-RT communication via PXImc for high throughput