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From the moment Kentigen was founded, we have built our test solutions based on HW from NI.

We are here to 

  • distribute all components you find on ni.com directly to your office
  • build a system that satisfies given requirements
  • design solutions to handle specific tasks

Experience       Perfection       Excellence

Our R&D team works closely with the Assembly team without any additional “corporate” levels. This approach enhances the overall design and performance.

NI provides a high variety of products, from simple DAQ devices to embedded control systems that fulfill the demands of a range of different industries, including automotive and medical. Each device provides a combination of stable hardware and reliable software. You can choose


  • PXI – high performance PC-based platform; standard for automated tests (ideal for validation and production tests), integrated HW and SW timing and synchronization
  • CompactDAQ – get signals from sensors in lab or in the field
  • CompactRIO – combination of Real-Time architecture and industrial IO modules for LabVIEW FPGA programming
  • Find the HW that matches your needs on ni.com

Kentigen employees are highly certified in NI tools. All our test engineers are certified developers in NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand (CLD, CTD). Four of them are architects in NI LabVIEW (CLA) and two of them are architects of NI TestStand (CTA). Developers with such a knowledge then usually form the leadership of teams working on customer projects.

Our team of developers has also Real-Time and FPGA specialists, who already gone through NI certification for embedded developers (CLED).

Since 2020 also SystemLink belongs to the list of our specialties.

  • Hardware integration

    Kentigen builds customer-specific hardware due to your requirements. In this case we provide also Build-To-Print solutions.

    The project goes through hands of our electrical engineer, QA engineer and assembly experts so the final solution comply with high standards and high quality level.

  • Training and hardware consulting

    • Are you facing new challenges with LabVIEW communication with any NI PXI module and want to save time?
    • You have implemented FPGA functionality for a CompactRIO system, and you are curious, if it might be done better?
    • Are you unsure that your chosen architecture gets the best performance from your HW?

    If you answered YES to any of questions above, please contact us and let us find the best solution for you. Fill the form in the right corner and get the response in 24 hours!

    If you want to learn LabVIEW, TestStand or some LabVIEW toolbox features, it is best to ask professionals.

    Kentigen employees are certified as NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand developers and architects to be able to design proper solutions to suit customer needs. You might check our certifications of our test engineers on NI partners page. We learn many new things when working on projects, not only “Core X” information but also some “hacks” from practice. In the meantime, our knowledge and certifications increase.