Technical Sales Manager

Brno | Hodonín | Praha

Technical Sales Manager

Brno | Hodonín | Praha
Hello, my name is Marek, CEO of Kentigen company, which I co-founded in 2013. Thanks to our rapid growth, we have established the foundation of our sales team. Nowadays, the team is made of three people, so we are looking for a fourth one. Ideally right now/ ASAP, or in the summer of 2021. The biggest task is and will be dealing with business partners, technical system plans, solving price offer problems and later also creating them. Currently, acquisition of new (foreign) customers is very important to us, which means traveling, frequent communication in English and a lot of nerve.

How it will look:

  • Maintaining relationship with current customers, traveling abroad (around once or twice a month), more or less 35 % of the time
    • regular communication concerning client needs– identification of weak spots and supervising problem resolution
  • Drafting and preparation of customer solutions including prices, 50 %
  • Customer relationship development, 10 % (this is very important for our company’s development as we are expanding abroad). We will value experience with building international relations
    • acquisition and new meetings
    • seminars/ expos
    • locating new opportunities for our company all around
  • Support of other departments, the rest of the time 5 %, which means participation in formation:
    • product management
    • marketing strategy

We believe in cooperation, honesty, and company’s structure flat as a pancake.

Our aim is to expand our team by a person with business talent and experience in acquisition from foreign markets, coming from the automotive/electrotechnical field. Currently, we are broadening to the East (Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia) and West (Germany, Austria). Knowledge of Eastern languages or German is a huge advantage, English is a must.

What have you done before? What are you interested in? What would you like to do? Please apply online with your LinkedIn profile – contacting Lucie, our HR,  on LinkedIN or sending CV to her e-mail.

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